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Nimbin Open House and Gardens Fundraiser Details



CONCEPT PLAN REVEALED – Click Here to See it!


Feeling worried about the Earth?
Well there IS something you can do!

The community of Nimbin, Australia has

a GREAT IDEA to help save the planet…

Let me tell you a little story first… Won’t take long.

Many years ago, the Aquarius Festival happened in Nimbin.

Lots of people who wanted to live sustainably
bought land nearby and stayed.

They tried LOTS of things.

Some stuff didn’t work,

but other ideas were FANTASTIC!

They built all sorts of houses.

Some fell down

some were novel and broke new ground!


They tried ways to use renewable energy.

Some didn’t work so well,

some were a SENSATIONAL success.

For example, they set up one of the country’s


And now they have the only community–owned solar farm in Australia.


So, after all that learning by doing and lots of break-throughs,

the Nimbin community is a ROCKSTAR

when it comes to

practical ways of living sustainably.

And Since There is No Planet B

…We want to share what we’ve learnt
with other communities around the globe.


That’s where YOU come in!

We’ve found the perfect site for a Sustainable Living Hub. It will house and showcase LOTS of the practical know-how and insights to everyone who visits (in person and via the web).

We bought the land. Now we have to pay it off.

100k raised

 Our community has already raised $105,000. That leaves $45,000 to go. Then we will need to raise more $$ to build the Hub.

You can be a part of this great project and make a difference!

All donations will cause you to have extremely warm and fuzzy feelings and the knowledge that you are part of the solutions.

All donations are recognised on this website and other places, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

All donors will be acknowledged on the site in some way we have not decided on yet…it may be names on paving stones, a Combi wall of honour or something else we are expecting a creative genius to come up with!

Donations of $7000 or more will attract special naming rights over parts of the building/s or elements or features of the site.

Bank: Summerland Credit Union 

Account Name: Nimbin Community Centre
Account Number: 2229 0728
BSB : 728-728
Key three letters for the target account: NIM

Please include your name in the reference. Write “anon” if you wish your donation to be confidential or else “public” if you are happy for your donation to be acknowledged down the track.

We will keep track of the balance of the loan and donations and update regularly via fb, NGT and this website.

7 Sibley St is a public place and there are conditions on the NAMING RIGHTS.



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