What is the Sustainable Living Hub Project?

This is a social enterprise project which will

Promote Affordable and Sustainable Housing by 

  • Helping home builders to access every thing they need all in one place to build or modify a sustainable home
  • Demonstrating/proving sustainable building design and technologies
  • Proving opportunities to share and develop sustainable building and living skills

Create Jobs by

  • Providing activities and products for visitors to Nimbin
  • Providing a marketing platform and showroom for local sustainable enterprises
  • Providing opportunities to share and develop skills and industry
Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by
  • Demonstrating energy efficient building design and technologies and how to live without air conditioners
  • Influencing local building to become energy efficient and sustainable
  • Demonstrating renewable energy technologies and innovations

Enhance Local Food Security by

  • Providing teaching and learning space and commercial kitchen capacity
  • Providing a Local Food Hub in the village
  • Expanding the Nimbin Food Equipment library

Who are “we” anyway?

We are two partner organisations: Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre and Nimbin Community Centre. We both have long track records in community development and project management.

The land has been purchased in the name of the Community Centre for strategic reasons and the Community Centre is liable for the money we borrowed to buy the site.

The Neighbourhood Centre is responsible for fundraising, developing and implementing the project on the site.

Working behind this project are the staff of these organisations and many, many volunteers who work tirelessly for the community. When we say ‘we’ we also mean all of these people. And the cat.


Are donations tax deductible?

No. Even though Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre is a tax deductible charity, building a sustainable living centre does not come under the Australian Tax Office’s definition of a charitable purpose. (Drats!)


What if we don’t make enough money to pay off the land?

We think this is very unlikely. We’re a persistent little community with solid organisations backing the project. We’re going to get there! We’ve raised $100,000.00 so far and only have about $50,000 to go.


What if we make more money than we need to pay for the land?

Any additional money raised will go into the project and building on the land.


Sounds a bit pie in the sky, What have you done already?

  • We’ve secured the land
  • We’ve raised over $100,000.00 in just 12 months (Wow!)
  • We’ve held a community forum
  • We’ve developed the logo and the branding (and we love it)
  • We’ve held a community Design-In
  • We’ve developed plans to up-cycle the existing building on the site
  • We’ve talked a lot with our local Council (and have their in principle support)
  • We have a business plan in progress
  • We have a master concept plan in progress (it’s with the architects)
  • We’ve run building workshops on site
  • We’ve had many incredible community fundraising events that demonstrate people’s commitment to the project while having a good time!